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Toddler EduGames: Colors

Toddler Edugames Colors

Toddler Edugames Colors was created for toddlers to assist them in colour identification, counting, and animal identification.

The art for this game was made in-house, and the idea was to keep it as real to childrens drawings as possible.  

With touch audio, the toddler does not need to have an adult read to them, as a simple touch will either say the word, the number, or the animal sound.

There is 6 fun activities for the toddler:

Colour recognition and names.  Every colour has images that are recited for that image.

Animal sound to animal card match game - the little ones have to choose the right animal to go with the right animal noise.

Number counting - count from 1 - 10, and touch the number to hear the audio number.

Alphabet - This has images that correlate with the alphabetic letter.  This enables easy recall, as the children can remember the picture associated with the alphabetic letter.

Number to animal count card game - place the number card with the matching count of animals on a card

Animal sound game - touch the animals to find out what sound they make