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Membrace is a colourful, vibrant, enticing game that incorporates educational content within it.

It plays on the facts of cognitive training which is used by various specialists in the therapy field for membory, reading, learning, studying. 

Membrace uses a play on these techniques that can improve an individuals memory recall, reading, learning over time. 

Its a fun way for young and old to practice recollection and improve on their memory in general.

There are 3 different games:

Colour Recall : up to 50 colour sequences to recall, how far can you get ?

Memory Match : This memory match works its way up from a 9 tile to a 12 tile as you recall correctly.

Object Recall : Objects are shown for a few seconds and then get hidden.  Recall the position they were at to move onto the next level.

The wacky farm animals make the game exciting and humorous to watch as they move and hop across  your screen.