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Flappy Math Dragon

Dragon Fly Math

Dragonfly math is one of our very first endless runner style game that was published to the app store.  It was made during the flappy bird craze era.  

The idea was to base it on the flappy bird theme, but add a educational math twist.

Your dragon character has to solve a math multiplication equation viewed at the top of the game.

The player then has to tap on the correct answer displayed on deliciously looking hamburgers. 

Tap the wrong answer, and you will need to start again.  The objective of the game is to see how far in the multiplication table you can get.

Its an easy one touch game, with an entertaining way of learning those dreaded, but much needed multiplication levels.

As the multiplication becomes more difficult, so does the game, as flying enemies enter the game.

Choose from a variety of dragons to make the game feel like a new game every day.

It has 2 game modes:

Endless - The style here is a Classic flappy bird feel, avoiding the enemies and obstacles, and not to touch the floor!

Math - This mode enabled the user to answer multiplication equations, starting from the 1 times table and going up to the 12 x table.