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Sharing is caring, right? Well then, we thought we would start a blog to share our knowledge and skills we have gained over the years in the game development industry. We will be posting game development, graphics, publishing, marketing and just general tips and tricks.

A brief history and overview of what we have done in the past.

In the beginning

My background is Electronic Engineering and Software development.  I Started with game development in 2012, mostly creating games with Java Applets.  Back then I didn’t know about game engines, so I created my own engine for Java, C#. My first game was inspired by MyBrute.  I made 2 versions of the game, C# Fighter Game in WinForms and using the same code, I created a Silverlight version.

Luckily I discovered the magic world of game engines!

Client Side Development


We use Unity to create most of our mobile games and some of the freelance projects we have done in the past.


Since 2012 we have created over 50 HTML5 games and converted more than 400 games from flash/shockwave using Construct 2, most of these game are also client projects on freelancer and upwork

Server Side

LAMP Stack

Most of our back-end services were done using PHP and MySQL for turn-based multiplayer games, leaderboards, user accounts, achievements and just general games-as-a-service functionality.

MEAN Stack

We use NodeJS, MongoDB and, for real-time multi-player games.

Third Party Games-as-a-Services


Absolutely love Photon! Its an excellent platform to create real-time multiplayer games, all the code runs on one of the clients, which makes it a bit easier to develop.


If you haven’t checked out PlayFab, do it now! We use it in various games for user accounts, leaderboards, cross promoting and even multi-player games.


Just started learning GameSparks, in my opinion, this is the best games-as-a-service I have ever come across!  It combines all the above mentioned technologies (except for LAMP), into a nicely contained package.

Graphics Design

Graphics are not our main forte, but we have some experience:

3D Graphics

We mostly use Blender for all our 3D modeling, UV-mapping, animations, video editing and rendering

This is for our games and icons, titles and motion graphics.

2D Graphics

We are huge fans of open-source software like InkScape for vector based graphics and Gimp for image processing and editing.

Project Management and Documentation

We use Base Camp for all our project tasks and Google Docs for most of our documents, sheets and diagrams.

Publishing and Marketing

By no means are we good at publishing, marketing or social media, but we know what doesn’t work!

SEO and ASO are something we are continuously trying to learn and understand… if Google doesn’t change the algorithms. 🙂

That is a brief history of what we have learnt over the years, we are continuously learning new skills.

At the moment we are busy learning Phaser, Canva and Unreal Engine 4.

Please subscribe and check back soon for more posts on what we are working on, what we have learnt and what doesn’t work, we fail a lot, learn from us 🙂

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