Toon Run - Zombies! Run! Endless Runner Game
Mobile Air Strike Fighter Jet
Math Brain
Crashy Road - Free Endless Driving Game
Dragonfly Math


Founded and developed by Jacques and Melanie Leemans, XGameDev is an independent game development company that is dedicated to bringing your ideas to the next level. Based in Torquay, Victoria, Australia, the XGameDev developers have created unique games and applications for clients all over the world, including (but not limited to), the United States, Australia, New Zealand, the UK and Africa.
While these mavericks share a passion for gaming animation and are skilled at all kinds of genres, eLearning and educational games have become their main focus. XGameDev strives to combine the power of knowledge and the fun of gaming in unique and innovative ways, and has successfully managed to create over a few hundred of these educational apps in total for clients and themselves.

In addition to creativity, these professional developers are skilled in multiple platforms, from web-based HTML5 programming, to mobile (both Android and IOS), to desktop. This means that these developers (and yourself) have various options when choosing the best means to distribute your product.
If you’re looking for more information on these and other XGameDev applications, please visit the App section of our website, which can be found via the “Apps” link of the website header.
For samples of XGameDev animations, please visit the portfolio section of our website, accessible via the “Portfolio” link on the website header. This section includes a stunning collection of C#, Construct2, HTML5, MySQL, php, Unity3d, WordPress, and WPF animations. It also includes everything from casual games, education games, to practical software set-ups.
Beautiful digital animations and smooth game mechanics are the heart and soul of XGameDev, and as such, they are offering individuals everywhere the following services:

  • Mobile game development for Android and IOS
  • HTML5 game development
  • eLearning and assessment games
  • Gamification of assessments
  • CMS for educational assessments
  • LMS with reporting and scoring

If you have a great software idea that you’ve been struggling to make a reality, let XGameDev do it for you. Contact¬†XGameDev to take your idea to the next level now.
If you’re interested in being notified about XGameDev’s newest apps and business developments, you can also follow the XGameDev group on Twitter and Facebook (accessible via the icons in the top right-hand website corner) for the most recent and up-to-date software news.

Featured Apps

Math Brain
Android Phone / Android Tablet / iPad / iPhone / Puzzle Game
Mobile Air Strike Fighter Jet
Android Phone / Android Tablet
Toon Run - Zombies! Run! Endless Runner Game
Android Phone / Android Tablet / iPad / iPhone

Hire us to get your game or application from an idea to publication!

Featured Works

HTML5 Food Recycling Animation
Animation / Construct2 / HTML5 / MySQL / php / WordPress
HTML5 Anatomy Games
Construct2 / HTML5